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Science labs

In Roots School, we focus on students "doing" rather than "seeing" or "hearing." Accordingly, we have six spacious Science labs serving our Primary, Preparatory and Secondary stages in both the British and National Sections.

The Science labs are fully and highly equipped with all required apparatus, material and instruments needed. Our students are able to dissect animal's internal organs, use models of different planets to visualize Space as well as use Hoffman's Voltmeter, one of the rare equipments in labs, to separate Oxygen from Hydrogen in the electrolysis of water.

science lab

ICT labs

Roots School has two fully equipped ICT labs each can accommodate up to 24 students per session. With the aid of ICT teachers, the students are allowed to use the high tech PCs, printers, smart boards and projectors to search topics and present their findings thus enhancing their research and presentation skills.

ict lab2

Multimedia rooms

Roots schools provide four large multimedia rooms that cater primary and preparatory students through all their subjects. The multimedia rooms are not only used for classroom purposes, it also holds staff trainings, along with meetings for the student council members.

Each Multimedia Room contains a Smart Board and projector to facilitate the presentation of data.

multimedia lab


The School has a spacious library that contains a wide range of books covering various topics. The Library is used by the student body either according to set times in the schedules or during break-times. Students are always encouraged to borrow books to enhance their reading skills as well as satisfy their inquisitive minds.



Roots school has a fully equipped clinic and full-time pediatric doctor. Besides regular check-ups, the school doctor is always available in case of any emergency that may take place throughout the day.